NEWS: Northeast Ohio Craft Beer Manufacturing Jobs See Major Increase

Written by Dean Zarbaugh

Photo by RMI Outlet

The fine folks over at Crain’s Cleveland Business are reporting (via Team NEO) that craft beer manufacturing jobs has increased by 1,700% since 2005! What exactly does this mean for Northeast Ohio? Well, I’ll let Crain’s Cleveland Business explain:

Breaking down the details, Team NEO vice president of strategy and research Jacob Duritsky said the manufacturing side of the beverage industry in Northeast Ohio employs almost 2,200 people.

That’s incredible. These are great jobs to have. The pay is decent, and depending on the company, there could be added benefits as well. It’s worth noting that a majority of the 2,200 people mentioned are in the soda industry, while about 460 of them are employed in the craft beer industry. To put this in perspective…

Via Crain’s Business Cleveland:

Back in 2005, there were roughly two dozen workers in craft beer in Northeast Ohio, Duritsky said, which would’ve essentially reflected workers at Great Lakes Brewing Co. at the time.

So manufacturing jobs in craft beer in this market have grown roughly 1,700% since then.

As a consumer of craft beer, it’s nice to see our industry continuing to grow and do well. Years ago, you could count the number of Northeast Ohio breweries on one hand. Now you need a calculator to tally them all up. Luckily for me, the Ohio Craft Brewers Association had such a calculator and did the work for me. Back in 2012 there were 63 breweries in all of Ohio. Today, there are over 254 in the state. You can check out some other fun facts on their website as well. Some of my favorite via OCBA:

– Barrels of craft beer brewed in Ohio in 2016: 1,373,041
– Rank among the states in craft beer production: #4
Craft beer industry’s economic impact in Ohio in 2016: $2.67 billion
– Economic impact increase 2014-2016: $510 million
– Rank among states in economic impact: #7

That’s a lot money. I knew we were in the top 5 for production, and that they were helping stimulate our economy, but I had no idea just how much an economic impact craft beer had until I began writing this article. So next time someone makes a comment about the kind of beer you like, you can let them know that without that beer our state would still be in the drain.

When I left Ohio for college back in 2007, things weren’t looking great for my home state. Now, 11 years later, it’s amazing to see the turnaround not only Cleveland has made, but Ohio too. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but it’s nice to see silver linings like this every now and then.

Get out there and support your favorite local craft breweries. You’re supporting your fellow citizens as well. You could even call it your civic duty to drink more craft beer.

Comment below with your favorite addition to the Northeast Ohio craft beer scene.

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