BrewDog Opening Hotel With In Room Taps

Written By Dean Zarbaugh


Photo Credit: BrewDog

I’ve had the fortune of traveling a lot over the years and I’ve stayed in my fair share of hotels. No matter how nice they are, they’re just missing… something. Visiting a new town, one might want to check out the local beer scene. But, sometimes going out to drink can be too much of a hassle. A mini bar is nice in theory… but in reality, $20 for a tiny ass bottle and some nuts is way too much.

Well, thanks in part to crowdfunding, Scottish brewer BrewDog is opening a new hotel overlooking their headquarters that features taps in every room and a shower beer fridge. The hotel will be opening across the pond in Aberdeenshire sometime in early 2019. How does that help us here in Ohio you ask? Well, we’re in luck because it just so happens that BrewDog opened their US facility right here in Columbus, Ohio. And yes, there are plans to open a similar hotel here attached to what they’ve dubbed The Overworks which is a sour beer facility! This would be the perfect haven for any Ohio, or traveling craft beer lover to stay while checking out the wealth of breweries central Ohio has to offer.

For those unacquainted with BrewDog, they were founded in Scotland in 2007. Since then, they’ve done some pretty insanely cool things like brew beer at the bottom of the ocean. They opened in Columbus in 2015 and announced plans for a brewery in Brisbane, Australia as well as a bar much closer to home in Cleveland, Ohio.

BrewDog makes some pretty tasty beer like their flagship Punk IPA, the Dead Pony Club Session Ale (which is surprisingly hoppy given it’s 3.8% ABV), Elvis Juice which is an IPA with grapefruit, Jet Black Heart which is an oatmeal milk stout, Hazy Jane which is a hazy New England style IPA and more.

It’s amazing to witness all that the craft beer industry has grown into. I can only imagine what the future holds. How about it? Will you be staying at the DogHouse when it opens in Columbus? I know I sure will.

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