REVIEW: Masthead – Extra! Extra!

Written By Dean Zarbaugh


Photo Credit: Dean Zarbaugh

Masthead Brewing Company – Extra! Extra! Double NEIPA. I stumbled across my last can of this special edition double New England IPA from Masthead’s last canning release. Bursting with tropical citrus hoppiness, with notes of mango, guava, pineapple and melon, and finishing delightfully smooth. At 8% it can sneak up on you a bit too. You wouldn’t know the ABV is as high as it is just from the taste. It’s deceptively smooth. This was my absolute favorite out of the two releases; Extra! Extra! and Shoot from the Hip. Both are excellent beers, but I think I liked the Extra! Extra! a bit more. If you can find this on draft still, I highly recommend trying it. Masthead knocks it out of the park with their beers, especially NEIPAs.


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