The Taproom Exclusive is hosted by Dean Zarbaugh, a craft beer enthusiast.


I was born and raised outside of Cleveland, Ohio. After living in Orlando for a couple years, and Los Angeles for five, I moved back home to be a part of Cleveland’s revitalization. At the forefront of that comeback is the craft beer industry.

Beer has long been something I appreciated on a deep level. I was first introduced to it by my grandfather. I really fell down the rabbit hole after brewing my first batch of beer in plastic buckets. I’m often trying new and interesting brews. I enjoy breaking down the flavor and sharing my thoughts with fellow craft beer enthusiasts.

My father was a journalist for 31 years. It seems like the skills were passed down to me. Like me, he’s a craft beer enthusiast and we often get together over a beer. It seemed natural to blend the two together.

Blessed with a wealth of breweries around Cleveland, I set out to launch a podcast to help spread the word and share what inspires the beer flowing from them. Each month, I will feature a new brewery. Within each month, an episode will be released weekly covering the profile, history and inspiration behind a different beer in a brewery’s catalogue.

When I’m not talking beer, I direct music videos, and write film and television scripts.